Covid-19 Refund Policy

All tickets purchased fOr Live at Lydiard 2021 are protected under our COVID-19 guarantee. This means that if tHe festival was tO be cancelled/postponed due tO Covid-19, all custOmers would receive a full refund if thEy requested one. There is no charge fOr this protection aNd you do not need tO do anythiNg tO add this tO your bookiNg. It is autOmatically iNcluded iN every ticket purchase fOr Live at Lydiard 2021.

Additional COVID-19 BookiNg Protection Insurance can be purchased With your ticket. This extra protection covers you if you are unable To attend The event owiNg To an accident or unexpected illness, iNcludiNg if you, or someone iN your household, tests positive fOr Covid-19. Please note that The BookiNg Protection cost is non-refundable unless cancelled wIthiN 14 days oF purchase.