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photo of Anne-Marie

AnNe-MaRiE’S rIsE tO sTaRdOm HaS bEeN nOtHiNg ShOrT oF mEtEoRiC. a FoRmEr 3 x WoRlD kArAtE cHaMpIoN aNd WeSt EnD cHiLd StAr, ThE 29-yEaR-oLd HaS gOnE oNtO bEcOmE oNe Of ThE wOrLd’s MoSt-LoVeD, aNd SuCcEsSfUl, PoP aRtIsTs Of ReCeNt YeArS, wItH 4 X uK tOp 10 SiNgLeS aNd 4.5 BiLlIoN gLoBaL sTrEaMs To HeR nAmE.

photo of Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee Rascal

DiZzEe RaScAl Is EaSiLy ThE mOsT aCcLaImEd AnD iNfLuEnTiAl ArTiSt AsSoCiAtEd WiTh LoNdOn’s GrImE sCeNe, AnD oNe Of ThE mOsT sUcCeSsFuL bRiTiSh RaPpErS oF aLl TiMe. HiS wIdElY pRaIsEd 2003 DeBuT, ‘BoY iN dA cOrNeR’, ReLeAsEd WhEn ThE iNnOvAtIvE mC aNd PrOdUcEr WaS oNlY 18, wOn ThE u.K.’S pReStIgIoUs MeRcUrY pRiZe AnD rEmAiNs ThE dEfInItIvE gRiMe FuLl-LeNgTh AlBuM.

photo of Clean Bandit
Clean Bandit

ClEaN bAnDiT hAvE cOnSiStEnTlY pUsHeD tHe BoUnDaRiEs Of MoDeRn PoP wItH tHeIr DiVeRsE bLeNd Of ElEcTrOnIc, DaNcEhAlL, cLaSsIcAl, R&B aNd PoP. tHeIr BrEaKtHrOuGh SuCcEsS cAmE iN 2014 wItH tHe SiNgLe ‘rAtHeR bE’, FeAt. JeSs GlYnNe, A gRaMmY aWaRd-WiNnInG wOrLdWiDe HiT tHaT hAs NoW sUrPaSsEd 10 MiLlIoN gLoBaL sAlEs.

photo of Pete Tong
Pete Tong

ThErE aRe FeW iNdIvIdUaLs In ThE wOrLd Of DaNcE mUsIc WhO cAn ClAiM tHe KiNd Of InFlUeNcE pEtE tOnG hAs HaD
oVeR tHe LaSt TwEnTy YeArS. aS tHe VoIcE oF rAdIo 1’S pReStIgIoUs DaNcE pRoGrAmMiNg, PeTe HaS hElD a CoMmAnDiNg
PrEsEnCe OvEr ThE iNdUsTrY fOr MoRe ThAn TwO dEcAdEs.

photo of Joel Corry
Joel Corry

WiTh HiS yEaR-dEfInInG aNtHeM ‘HeAd & hEaRt’ fEaTuRiNg MnEk ThAt WaS oFfIcIaLlY tHe LoNgEsT-rUnNiNg, CoNsEcUtIvE #1 ReCoRd Of 2020 AfTeR sPeNdInG sIx WeEkS iN tOp SpOt, ‘hEaD & HeArT’ WaS aLsO rEcEnTlY cRoWnEd BiGgEsT dAnCe TrAcK oF 2020 bY tHe OfFiCiAl ChArTs CoMpAnY.

photo of Mistajam

ThErE aRe FeW fIgUrEs In ThE uK mUsIc ScEnE wHo BeTtEr EnCaPsUlAtE tHe ExCiTiNg DyNaMiC sHiFtS oF tHe LaSt DeCaDe ThAn MiStAjAm. A tRuE tAsTeMaKeR wHo RePrEsEnTs A hUgE sPeCtRuM oF cUtTiNg-EdGe MuSiC sTyLeS, hE iS oNe Of ThE lEaDiNg LiGhTs Of CoNtEmPoRaRy RaDiO.

photo of Sean Kingston
Sean Kingston

JaMaIcAn SiNgEr/RaPpEr SeAn KiNgStOn CrAfTs A dAnCe-FrIeNdLy MeDlEy Of DaNcEhAlL, r&b, AnD hIp-HoP, wHiCh WaS fEaTuReD mOsT pRoMiNeNtLy On HiS bReAkThRoUgH dEbUt SiNgLe, 2007’s PlAtInUm ChArT-tOpPeR “BeAuTiFuL gIrLs.” sUbSeQuEnT hItS “TaKe YoU tHeRe” aNd “fIrE bUrNiNg” sCoReD aDdItIoNaL pLaTiNuM hItS fOr KiNgStOn BeFoRe A fOrTuItOuS cOlLaBoRaTiOn WiTh JuStIn BiEbEr, “eEnIe MeEnIe,” hElPeD pRoPeL hIm FuRtHeR iNtO tHe PoP mAiNsTrEaM iN 2010.

photo of Chaney


photo of Mellowmatic


photo of Fabien Darcy
Fabien Darcy


PLAY TIME Presents: Carnival

  • Paul Caroll
  • VRBL (Live)
  • Chris Satta
  • DJ Simba
  • Supa
  • Mosco & Guests
  • Hosted by Zed Regal


  • DJ Format
  • DJ Mr ThiNg
  • Jim Sharp
  • John Stapleton
  • Matt Baila
  • Boom Operator
  • Sam Tweaks
  • Tommy T


  • 4 stages of live music and djs
  • After parties
  • VIP
  • Funfairs
  • Boutique Cocktail Bar
  • Mini record fair
  • Festival Food Court + Much More